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Q. Do you have a shop front? No

Q. Why not? We can offer the best prices by not paying retail space nor someone to stand behind a counter all day.

Q. Can I collect? Yes, arrangements for your own collection or courier can be made.  Just contact us by email first.  We would prefer you use our shipping options as we do not have anyone sitting at our storage facility all day [this keeps our operating price down and benefits you].  We are at the airport clearing consignments, shipping consignments, post office, postnet as well as running a second business.  Also many couriers do not accept lipo batteries as they are classified dangerous goods.  Our shipping prices are very competitive.  Our shipping consists of the shipping fee, 5% insurance, packaging for tape, boxing, bubble wrap, labels and a small handing fee. 

Q. Must I order online?  You can give us a ring however here is the catch, the more staff we require, the more upward pressure it puts on the price.  Keeping our operation as automated as possible ultimately benefits you the customer.

Q. How long will it take for my order to get to me?  We use courrier services, overnight to major centres and 2-3 working days depending upon your location regional.

Q. How can I pay?  Either by bank transfer or credit card or cash deposit into FNB ATM's.

Q.  Stock display level - We bring our stock onto the system a few days before it is due.  This is so that you can see what is coming in and make purchases accordingly.  Under the "add to cart" you will see the product expected date.  This can sometimes change due to courier and postage services but we feel it is important for you to see what is imminently coming into stock

Q. I want to post a review on a product I purchased. Can I do that? Yes you can. On the product itself you will see a button at the bottom of the page saying "Review This Product" Click on that and enter your review. It will take a few hours for your review to show as its moderated, You can also write a testimonial on the front of the web site.

Q. I am looking for a product that is not on your web site, can you help?  Yes we have access to many more batteries than what we list.  We only list what we think are the most common batteries but as people order other items on a more frequent basis, we will then keep these in stock.

Q. Wholesale: Do you sell to wholesale customers?  Yes we do, we have 4 levels of pricing for wholesale based upon your monthly purchases, an algorithm based upon frequency x spend.  You start at the first level of wholesale bronze and as your quarterly expenditure increases verses frequency, so does your level of wholesale pricing improve.  Register online then send us your company details and we will activate this for you if you are a retailer.  Please note that you cannot use coupon code offers on wholesale purchases and if you are not doing 10k a month, please use our standard retail option.

Q. Onbo opperating Temp - 

Operating temperature (charge) 10~45°C 
Operating temperature (discharge)  -10 to 60°C